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Wednesday, Jan. 11 1995:

Caitlin has trouble passing a bowel movement.  She enlists Drew’s aid.  “Drew!  Come pat me on the back and help me get it out!”

Monday, July 1 2002:

Yesterday Matt escaped to the Randall’s and demanded their Harry Potter video.  It being Sunday, we wouldn’t let him watch it.  He thought that the proscription was permanent.  This morning at 7 he grabbed the video, marched over to the Warren’s and rang the doorbell.  Matt’s pal Connie isn’t in, but Jerry answers the door and invites him down to the theatre.  Later he hears what to us would have been a familiar call.  “Need some help!”  Pres. Warren, an excellent man and possibly a non-diaper changer, is not prepared for what awaits him.  “Can you wipe my bum?” asks our friendly son.  “I’m not allowed to,” says Jerry, and runs away.

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