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Friday, January 11, 2008:
School’s out.  Sharon has us go up the canyon to the city’s new sled run.  There’s tons of snow, and it’s quite beautiful.  That was pretty good.  The run is shallow and long, just right for this constituency.  Sarah helps.  Spence, who had had to forego a ski-day with the Taylors, was resistant.  Until the first run.  The carpet goes backwards, and his grin keeps getting so big that uncontrollable laughter keeps falling out of it.

We were supposed to get the boys fitted for their costumes for this play that they’ve been cast for.  They closed the costume shop door on them.  Spence missed skiing for this?  They go up and meet Rodger.  Spence says he thinks this’ll be a good thing to try.  Downstairs, and then at home, he’s upset.  “Why don’t I ever tell the truth to people I don’t know?”  Poor kid.  Maybe he is too willing to defer to others’ wishes.  More significantly, at only eleven years of age, he thinks of those others, and of helping, first.

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