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Friday, June 20, 2003

We go home and pack and prepare for tomorrow’s departure.  We try to eat some of that leftover food.  While I finish my grades I hear harmonious sounds, part of a remarkable Christmas-like ceasefire connected to the impending midnight release of this next Harry Potter.

At about 10:30 PM we start sending female scouts to Sansbury’s.  When a line eventually forms we’re at the very front.  Just as they pull the big boxes out, two grown-up Germans butt in on us.  We win our spot back just in time to get the very first copy and the, ‘cause sometimes you do these things, the second copy too.  The two b-day girls are elated.  Drew is disgruntled, but she survives.  When the now fourteen year old Caitlin gets upstairs she finds a big picture of Prince William beaming out at her.  “Dear Caitlin.  Happy Birthday, from your Willie.”  That Sharon.  Late as it was, much HP reading gets done before retirement.

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