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Saturday, October 30, 1999
We lug the washer and dryer downstairs.  Sharon’s happy.  Matty is not.  Caitlin is back in contrary mode.  By mid day anticipation is rising, and we enjoy a kind of Halloween countdown.  Sharon makes Sarah a superb bat costume.  Caitlin reprises last night’s zombie ensemble.  Drew cuts back her witchness to a simple hat and cape.  Mum is defeated!  I’m anxious, but I carve out everyone’s pumpkin designs with out mishaps.Caitlin abandons us for Amber Garn.  I take 2-4 down 8th south, through Sage Creek Circle, to the trailers and out to South Main.  Spence is nearly terrified by a life-sized vampire at the Lucas place.  For some time he has a fit every time someone rings a doorbell.

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