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Tuesday, April 29, 1997
I watch Drew at school.  Some little boy says, “My picture is way better than yours, Drew.”  She shrugs but rails not, and returns to her seat.  I read with the kids individually.  Drew and A. Burton are miles ahead of everyone, (good teacher, plus environment of course).  Later I ask Drew about the neener incident.  “Did you feel bad when he said that?”  “No.  My picture was good.”  I must be subconsciously seeking to demonize the offending party.  “Is he a naughty boy?”  “No, usually he’s good.”  There’s me, chastised and a little stunned.  She turns the other cheek, meekly but without subservience, then she immediately and effortlessly forgives.  Fortunately Drew has also taken to trying the odd pout or tantrum, so that she can stay on the earth a little while longer.

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