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Saturday, January 5, 2008:
Lots of snow, all day.  I participate in a nice baptism.  We make a bunch of forts.  I appear to have lost the capacity for simple enjoyment, at least of the recreational variety.  Sarah comes through though.  She fashions a super two-tiered, pail-packed structure.  She also throws snowballs at the hilarious Phoebe, who leaps and catches them all.  I am able to show them how to lift cookie sheet sized snow blocks.Saturday, June 14, 2008:
We’re in the family room.  Phoebe is in her usual place, lounging groggily along the top of the couch cushion.  For some reason everyone stops and looks at her, and at that very moment she gives an especially fervent stretch, rolls over and falls right off.  You think cats can’t have surprised looks on their faces?  Everyone has a good laugh.  It’s the highlight of Sarah’s day.Saturday, July 5, 2008:
Traveling back from Canada with Sarah, Spence, Matt, and Claire. Logan Canyon is very twisty.  In Logan Sarah and I talk about university prospects.  So soon, darn it.  We rush on through the darkness, and get back home at 11 PM.  Where’s Phoebe, they ask.  Outside, I lie.  It can wait until the morning.  Caitlin is back home now.  Look at that computer!  Drew is very excited about those Nanton buttons.  She very sure-handedly grabs just the ironical off-kilter ones that you would expect her to.I pull Sarah outside and tell her how pleased and grateful I am.  On this trip I found her to be unstintingly sensible, practical, industrious, tractable.  She never gave a moment’s trouble, or threw anything back in my face.  She was sweet with the kids.  She’s fun, and funny.  We’re not even talking about those physical and intellectual abilities, the self-sufficient quietness, the gleam, the wit, the skilful hands, that great overall personal attractiveness.  Real teenery may be impending, and its thousand possible pitfalls.  But if these shadows remain unaltered by the future, this kid has made it, all the way.  I am glad to tell her all this, with gratitude and a full heart.  “Are you going to tell them about the cat?”  What a relief.  Takes compliments like her mother.  Not quite perfect yet.

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