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Saturday, August 26, 2000:

Then there’s Caitlin’s game, which is a real change from recent soccer experiences.  No coaching and, more’s the miracle, no frustration with multiple skill levels, lapses of judgment, things that the elderly observer might have done if he were in there.  What a great game!  They won, 4 (5?)-0, and there wasn’t so much as a lapse.  I must say that I was inordinately proud of Caitlin.  She played most of the game at outside half, and her play was very disciplined and sound.  Perfect positioning to help clearing fullbacks, strong runs up the side, heads, up, crisp, accurate passes.  They didn’t get past her and, one way or another, she most always got it past them.

Not only did she excel but she had a great time, as well she might have.  Wholesome times with nice people.  I practically felt misty at the prospect of this practically young woman moving up and along.

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