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Tuesday, January 23, 2007:

I go with Claire to tumbling again.  Sharon does her hair up like little My’s.  We can see a sort of resemblance.  So can Claire.  Heaven help us.  Round she tears again.  There’s a monstrous inflated teeter-totter that the kids enjoy a lot.  Claire climbs the bit rope ladder again, this time gathering the courage to jump.  That was pretty fun.  She tries it again, especially since her teacher missed it.  This time her foot catches on one of the rungs on the way down.  Whomp!  It’s a good thing all those foam blocks were down there.  I’m wondering, as I turn the camera off and walk calmly over, if she might not have strained or bent or hurt herself anyway.  “Do you need me to come help you?” asks the teacher, “or can you get out by yourself?”  “I’ll get out,” sniffs Claire, and does so, and accepts my comforting for a minute, and then runs back to it.  Atta girl.

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