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Monday, July 18 2005:
Did I mention it?  Sarah is really sick.  There’s no faking or wheedling with this kid.  Just being dead.There’s Matt being careless.  There’s Spencer nagging.  As usual.  Spence makes a frustrated fist and bonks Matt’s knee with it.  There is swelling, pain, and some bemused floppy laughter.

Tuesday, July 19 2005:

Sarah is still inert.  So it’s all day Harry Potter for me.  I break to take Spencer to the doctor.  He works and wobbles his fingers.  “Nothing’s broken—this isn’t hurting him enough.”  He takes an x-ray to make sure.  “It’s broken!”  A tough guy, after his own fashion.  There’s just a half cast and a wrap, and not too much of an emergency for him or us.

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