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Sunday, July 1, 2007: Glasgow, Scotland. BYU Summer term study abroad

Drew made us noodles for lunch, and then they had a Sunday nap, from which I roused them to go down to the Kelvingrove Museum.  We didn’t have enough time.  And where was that Dodo bird?  Sarah was giving me killing looks and so, sensing that she didn’t care for our company right then, we went over to the paintings and design stuff, which was really cool.  Drew is funny, and fun, in situations like this.  She has a sense of what she wants to see or do—it’s all beelines and certainty.  But she’ll also come back and share, or make witticisms, or do some Spence-encouraging thing.  She’s a leader, and she’ll be a fine teacher, or mother, one of these days.

Sarah sounded a plaintive note when we went out.  “You guys just left me behind.  I didn’t know where you were.”  How can I read these crossed and mixed signals properly, and do what’s right?

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