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Friday, December 5, 2003:

I find myself, with some end-of-the-week enervation, in charge of these little guys, who deserve more organization and energy than I have at the moment.  I stall with a library video of NFB Christmas films.  The boys are chattering in a Christmasy way.

I have a tiny inspiration.  Everyone waits, eyes sort of closed, while I string up some Christmas lights in their bedroom.  They come in.  The effect is kind of scintillating.  Everyone jumps around.  They stay in the room and play sweetly and harmoniously and at very great length.  Every once in awhile they break for a guitar-accompanied carol.  There’s actually joy in the room, and mine too.  Once again we learn that the elaborate isn’t always necessary.  The little that we eke out of our exhaustion may be sufficient.

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