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Monday, May 1, 2006:

I go back to work to listen to the hockey game. I’m kind of fleeing the house but I really need some distraction!  And it works, we win!  I’m being subjected to nostalgic stirrings, and feeling the wonderful particularity of local culture.  And though I’m rarely there anymore I find that I’m still profoundly connected to my community, and that I love it.  And we all need to see a giant killing once in awhile.

Just as bracingly, even more importantly, I am bolstered by the interest of the youngsters.  Drew keeps calling to ask the score, and what happened, and who did what.  Her voice betrays real excitement and real commitment when I call with the final result.  Sarah reproves me: “you didn’t have faith in your team.  I told you they would win!”  I am gratified, and deeply appreciative.  The Edmonton Oilers as a tender mercy!

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