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Sunday, June 20 2004

Sarah’s eleventh birthday.  We have a chicken and taters dinner.  When it comes to our second helpings, we find that Drew has finished up the chicken single-handedly.

We go back to the archives, looking at old videos this time.  They’re very revealing.  A lot of time has passed, for one thing.  There’s a poor filmer and a hectoring tyrant behind that camera.  There are such precious children!  We find that Claire falls physically, or at least facially, right between Caitlin and Drew.  Dear wee !  We’re especially charmed by her little one-year-old, pre-Scotland knee bend/upthrusts.

After a bit of breaking we come back together to read about Caitlin’s birth.  There’s a poor writer and a hectoring tyrant behind that pen.  Drew keeps cracking up over my verbose effusions.

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