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Friday, April 14 2000:

An outing to Antelope Island is planned, but it’s raining hard.  Oh, well.  Up we go.  Spence and Matt hold hands and fall asleep.  It all turns out very successfully.  The darksome clouds over Salt Lake actually enhance the experience.  I am, we are struck by the very impressive, evocative setting.  ‘Midst the comparative sparseness—stones and grasses and whipping winds—we sense and even see real natural abundance.  We start with a picnic above the north shore, a picnic that was cut rather short by the chill.  The excitement level remains high in the van.  Caitlin steels herself and runs down to the water and back.  Drew and Sarah and I followed her.  Very invigorating.

We drive, and quite a bit.  The weather settled a little, and some very impressive views opened up.  We checked some campsites and watched carefully for beasties.  Drew was especially compelled, as evidenced by her somewhat unaccustomed enthusiasm (accents, puns, entertaining the boys, getting on Caitlin’s nerves).  We went to the visitors’ centre, which the lads especially enjoyed.  Caitlin was unhappy, at least until she got to work the camera.  About two hours in, we went back out.  Great time!  Sharon feels to reminisce about our Scottish times, and how enriched our lives were by making the effort.  We can do that here.

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