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Tuesday, June 8, 2004:

Watched What’s Up Doc? (1972).

There are all the kids, rejoicing.  The attention and enthusiasm is really gratifying.  Spence is particularly inspired.  He starts working out his own gags and scenes as soon as the film ends.  The girls go out and have some spirited fun with the ward girls.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004:

Spencer still has a movie bug.  He makes some storyboards, and then a very nice SD logo—“it’s like the Warner Brother sign,” he explains.  He very carefully prepares credits and intertitles.

SD presents:

Comedy Time!

Everyone is assigned their part, and threatened by hovering parents/executive producers, lest they prove insufficiently supportive.  Matt, as the villainous butler, dresses up and everything.  Drew, as producer, is extremely helpful.  Caitlin the maid, Sarah the cook and Sharon the detective keep trying to take off.  It all ends up pretty well.  Stolen salt shakers, an investigation, Caitlin in tears.  Matt caught, looking pretty tragic through the bars.  An excellent team effort.

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