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Friday, July 4, 2003:

We go on into Park City for the last bit of Fourth of July, some dessert at Jack and Lisa’s.  There’s a man-made lake in the back.  With the dusk descending, Sarah and Connor and Piper go out in a little dinghy.  Was that a good idea?  She surprises and succeeds, all on her own.  Matt comes crying.  It turns out that Tanner tripped him.  Tom catches a fish, and has some trouble with it.  John stands back and criticizes.  Some ancient Albertan memory comes to me.  I step in and extricate the hook and get the thing successfully back in the water.  My kids don’t recognize me.

It’s time to leave, thank goodness.  Not because I regret the time, but because this pleasant time has also let me appreciate my own life.  Erin closes Sarah’s fingers in the van door.  Sarah’s fingers survive.

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