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Friday, January 31, 2003:

The boys are fighting during the blessing of the food.  I reach over and squeeze Spence’s leg.  I run to pick up Caitlin at school, then return to find an outbreak of distraughtness.  Matt looks stricken.  “Dad.  Can I talk to you?”  As I approach and reach out my hand his face folds and bursts into tears.  “Spence is running away!”  On the floor there is a shoebox within which he’s packed a very neatly folded blanket, a journal, a detective notebook, a gel pen and a police stick.

Spence comes out and says very feelingly, “Dad, you ruined my day!”  Poor Matt is visibly at a loss, or rather looking bereaved at the prospect of loss.  He loves his brother.  Fortunately we are able to calm ourselves down.  We talk about rules, parental discipline, apologizing and forgiving.

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