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Friday, Dec. 25, 1998

Kids wake at 5:30.  We make it up at 6:00.  Happy stockings.  Everyone gets percussion instruments.  Arlinda N. made all the kids promise to read scriptures before presents.  This the kids quite willingly do.  We go to 3 Nephi 1, then Luke 2.  Caitlin is anxious to read part herself.  In the dark Christmas morning stillness, this stands as a high point.

Then, presents.  Spencer’s very happy about his cowboy song CD.  In fact, just hearing about it causes him to wear his boots all day.  Sarah’s excited about her walkie talkies, and she and Caitlin play very nicely.  She has a harder time getting at her reading rabbit kindergarten computer game, with which the older girls were suspiciously helpful.  I didn’t do much for Sharon, and with all our recent gizmos, didn’t much feel the need for anything either.  So she got some clothing, the old book and music option, while I picked up an electric razor.

Sharon and Caitlin go out to the street to play with the whirlybird Drew bought.  Some guy apparently swerved and ran over it.  Kids watch Indian in the cupboard.  We have a ham dinner.  Old maid games.  Separations and gatherings.  Sarah downstairs on the computer for three hours.   WHO? long and lingering on the phone.  As often, at important and opportune family times, I come up impatient and out of sorts.  No good reading, no 2nd devotional, not quite enough togetherness today.  Mortality.

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