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Sunday, February 7 1999:

While I was reading from Matthew and trying to explain to the girls what a eunuch is, Spence closed, and very firmly, Matt’s finger in the between-the-hinges part of the bathroom door.  The siren began to wail, but on arrival we could see that this distress was greater than usual.  Trembling, and a corkscrewed last joint on the right ring finger.  We’re older, so our alarm wasn’t that great.  It was done, it wasn’t on purpose, and though I momentarily suspected a break, it turned out that the bruise, the skin shred, the swelling and discolourization were the extent of it.  Later Spence told us that he was only trying to help.  He’d heard us say so many times how we want to keep Matt out of the dirty bathroom.  – divine intervention and repentence

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