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Thursday, September 4, 2008:

Sarah’s team beats Mountain View 5-1.  They look really, really impressive.  Sarah looks even more really, really impressive.  Awesome, actually.  Inexpressible.  The usual things are in place.  Pinpoint passing, on the ground, in the air, redirected volleys and line drives.  Superior positional play.  Amazing composure.  Fast as blazes.  There was also something new.  Now she’s channeling Caitlin.  Not only is she positioning herself optimally, she’s also just plain bowling them over.  I’ve worried about her size, and the possibility of injury still, always looms.  But somehow, in a matter of games, she’s become a simultaneously law abiding, plain punishing defenseman.  Wham!  Carnage!  And Sarah, still standing, then loping off with the ball.  Bracing, stirring stuff, to an historical degree.

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