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Friday, March 24, 2006:

We do lots of spring cleaning in the yard.  Sarah goes in and makes some sandwiches, cuts some fruit, makes some lemonade, lays out some jerky and cheese and crackers and cookies.  She arranges it all attractively and brings it out on a tray.  I feel a little revelatory stirring.  Has this child made it?  There’s plenty of growing up to follow, and stages to pass through, and the way is perilous.  But I apprehend that the elements and inclinations are in place to take her right to gainful and glorious adulthood.  As she goes on to make a treasure map (after the one that Matt got at Sena’s party) and guide the little ones through it, I’m gratified to the point of emotion.  She’s Sharon.  At twelve, she pretty consistently thinks of and does for others.

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