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Sunday, Jan. 15 1995: Sarah’s become a “watch this!” fiend.  She also said “Sarah just bump head,” which is a very sophisticated statement for such a little Dickens.In nursery with Sarah.  She’s the best behaved! (though it’s not a contest).  Looking around (or    especially back, at the __ kids), I see that our kids’ transgressions are pretty minor, indeed. Sarah shows a decided preference for the nurturing Drew.  Grabbing, teasing Caitlin, who reveals herself to be at a loss when she’s not the centre of attention and affection, tries to keep Sarah from even reaching Drew in a game of ring-around-the-rosie.  S. squawks, and D. may be inclined to withdraw from it all.  Plus, of course, the usual tongue-stickings, yowls, etc.  What to do?  (But what sweetness in the early A.M., and on the way to school.)

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