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Monday, May 14, 2007:

Matt has caught fire with a new creative writing compulsion.  “If I stayed home today, I could write for a whole five-and-a-half hours!  Good advice for me, by the way.  Sorry Matt.  In part, of course, these stories are wildly plagiaristic.  At the end of today’s chapter his protagonist, Edgar Farnsworth, ends up in a school called “Dogwarts” after all.  But boy, are those pictures cool.  Do I see Sarah’s influence?  She certainly helped with a character list, and with some general encouragement.  But those words are Matt’s, and who would have thought?  “He raced down the stairs, and when he reached the door, he was terrified…”  “’Here,’ said his mother, thrusting an old, black wand into Edgar’s stomach.  ‘You’ll be needing this.’”

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