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Saturday, Aug. 15 1998

Spence and I have another meditative beach front talk.  He won’t go near the water.  I’m partly pleased with his timidity, but am also reminded that we’re supposed to get out and experience things in life.

Saturday, Sept. 19, 1998

Out to the lake.  Crazy Spencer keeps grabbing my hand and covering his eyes with it. Sarah puts her head back and smiles.  Drew, who can surprise you, keeps putting out the old thumb to call for some proper speed.  Warm water, nice spot; lakes over oceans, anyday.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

There’s Spence, most of the way through swimming lessons, still shaking his head in solemn refusal at each request from his teacher.  He does, however, gather the nerve to climb up on the blocks, edge very cautiously to the brink and jump dutifully into the teacher’s arms.

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